This functioning, stimulating peeling treatment which combines 3 effective acids with active ingredients to increase cell rejuvenation and ward off fine lines and wrinkles, mild acne, age spots, pigmentation, uneven skin texture and enlarged pores. The skin becomes clean, soft, smooth and glowing. It is highly recommended as a series of treatments for optimal and long-lasting results.

This deep pore cleansing treatment helps clear blackheads and breakouts via steaming, cleansing, extractions and the application of a treatment mask with advance, cosmeceutical active ingredients. This facial is highly recommended before any advanced aesthetic procedure to eliminate impurities and restore balance and nourishment to dull and devitalized skin.

This is an ideal treatment for controlling oil and reducing acne in oily and combination skin types and those prone to the redness of rosacea. Intensive, exfoliating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, this peeling provides deep cleansing and purification of pores with a purifying sulfur cooling mask will help to absorb the surface oil and calm inflammation. The Acne and Oil Control Peel will rebalance the skin giving a more refined texture. Skin is visibly clean, calm and clarified.
This Peeling is suitable for all skin types but those with dry or dehydrated skin will benefit the most from this deep hydrating and luxury treatment. The ultra-hydration peel restores the skin’s vitality and remove the signs of dehydration including superficial flakiness. The ultra-hydrating peel consists of a triple-action resurfacing process that improves brightness and clarity and promotes optimum absorption of hydrators. To complement this treatment, a Dermapen Microneedling treatment can be offered which will ensure your skin cells are regenerated to another level.

Citric, Lactic and Salicylic acids are the key active ingredients in this peel which encourage a more radiant, even skin tone. This peeling makes use of ZO’s skin brightening mask in conjunction with growth factors to illuminate and even out the skin tone. The multi-vitamin Daily Power Defense helps to maintain the epidermis and leave your face looking smooth, young and glowing. This is the ideal treatment for addressing the signs of photoaging including pigmentation and enlarged pores.


  • Zo Obagi Anti-Aging Peel
  • Zo Obagi Deep Cleansing Treatment
  • Zo Obagi Acne Peel
  • Zo Obagi Ultra Hydration Peel
  • Zo Obagi Skin Brightening Peel
    €60 - €70
  • 3 Zo Obagi Peels
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